Implementation of Technique Training in the Storm System

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This is a topic that gets raised regularly by parents and swimmers alike. Although I’ve addressed this topic in parts, I figured I would, as succinctly as possible, explain how we incorporate technique into our program. Bear in mind that it is a complicated subject and there are a lot of components, so this was destined to be somewhat long. …

Steve LealImplementation of Technique Training in the Storm System

Periodization of Training

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Or Why all meets aren’t treated the same As we have now been through my training system for a year now, the swimmers generally understand it. However, it occurred to me that I need to do a better job of informing parents of what we are doing, and why. My training methods are very much based on the works of …

Steve LealPeriodization of Training

Pre- and Post- Training Nutrition

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At our camp in August, I gave a short talk regarding nutrition. In specific, it dealt with what to eat just before, and just after, workouts. It occurred to me, without too much thought, that I should pass this information along to our parents. This information is based on the work of Dr. Barry Sears, who I had the privilege …

Steve LealPre- and Post- Training Nutrition

Mental Toughness article

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Mental Toughness article: As some of you know, I like the writings of Olivier Poirier-Leroy on Here is a recent one about mental toughness that the swimmers should read:   Typically we talk about elite swimmers in terms of talent and performance that borders on reverence. She is so fast because she has such a good stroke. He’s so much …

Steve LealMental Toughness article

Things you can do at home to improve your swimming

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I often get asked by parents, and almost never by swimmers, what can be done away from practice that would be beneficial to short and long term success. Needless to say, the two biggest things are proper diet and adequate sleep. These warrant their own columns (which I have sent previously), but there are other, less time-consuming things that swimmers …

Steve LealThings you can do at home to improve your swimming

Surviving Holiday Training

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I just came across this short article about “surviving” holiday training and getting the most out of it. It is a good read for the swimmers who are adding sessions to their training over the next three weeks. It didn’t specify an author, but it is from a company called Bridgeathletic. With the holidays upon us, swimmers everywhere are gearing …

Steve LealSurviving Holiday Training