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ABSF Championships

Storm repeated once again as champions of the 3rd annual ABSF Invitational Swimming Championship. We showed great dominance by earning more points (1,385) than the next two teams combined (760 and 614).

Storm swimmers enjoyed a ton of time improvements as well. Four of our swimmers earned high point awards, with several others coming in runner-up positions:

7-8 Girls Madison MacMillon (2nd), Emily Gaillard (3rd)
7-8 Boys Alistair Knoblauch (2nd)
9-10 Girls Hailey Derrick (1st)
9-10 Boys Luke Pollen-Brooks (1st), Adriano Hedley (2nd), Kalan Christopher (3rd)
11-12 Girls Olivia Fuller (1st)
11-12 Boys Tanner Esty (1st), Kyle Christopher (2nd), Jonathan Solomon (3rd)
13-14 Boys Jadon Wuilliez (2nd), Diallo Marshall (3rd)
15&O Girls Makaela Holowchak (3rd)

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Trinidad Invitational
We had 8 swimmers representing Storm last weekend, and had tremendous results. We had a ton of best times, even compared to converted best times! With our small contingency, we managed a respectable 12th place finish out of nearly 40 teams. 6 of our 8 swimmers scored points for us. Here are places in a nutshell:
Zoe Dennis: 3 Bronze medals, and 3 other top eight finishes
Makaela Holowchak: 3 Gold medals (winning the women’s overall in 200, 400 and 800 free), and 2 other top eight finishes.
Jadon Wuilliez: 2 Silver medals, 2 Bronze medals, and 4 other top eight finishes
Alex Rivera: 2 top eight finishes
Daryl Appleton: 2 Silver Medals, and 4 other top eight finishes
Olivia Fuller: 1 Gold Medal, and 7 other top eight finishes
Congratulations on a very successful early season meet to all of our Storm swimmers!


Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships Day 3

Storm was still on fire on the last day of competition, with nearly all best times swam.

Daryl Appleton lead us off by pulverizing his best 100 backstroke time by over a second, dropping from 1:09.77 to 1:08.62. He would later follow this by clobbering his best 50 freestyle time, bringing it down from 26.75 to 26.35.

Nathan Marshall finished his near perfect meet with time drops in 50 fly (from 28.72 to 28.66) and then breaking into the 25s in his 50 free, improving from 26.11 to 25.97.

Kyeshaun Christopher was just a couple tenths off of his 100 breaststroke, but followed up by desolating his best time in 50 free by nearly a second (depending on who you ask), improving from 28.02 to 27.13

Zoe Dennis finished her fantastic meet with her best performance yet! She walloped her best 100 breaststroke by over 3 ½ seconds dropping from 1:28.24 to 1:24.52. This was her first ever AAA time, and by over a second!

Makaela Holowchak had two best times on the day. Pretending she is a sprinter, she decimated her 50 free from 30.04 to 29.63. She followed this by swimming her first ever 1500 freestyle Long Course, in which she made an AAA time by almost 7 seconds in 18:49.80. This was her second new AAA time at the meet, as she also achieved one in the 200 free on Saturday. This capped off a perfect meet of huge improvements for her. Makaela will be following up these performances at the FINA World Championships in Kazan Russia in a couple weeks.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers for an incredible championship meet! As I am running out of synonyms for “beat”, I’m kind of glad it is at and end! I can’t wait to see what next season brings!


Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships Day 2

Storm’s success continued with a near perfect day of swimming.

Makaela Holowchack was our leadoff batter, and started us off by devastating her best 200 free time by over a second, dropping from 2:17.72 to 2:16.44.

Daryl Appleton followed up by shattering his best time in 50 back, dropping from 31.75 to 31.18.

Next, Zoe Dennis kept her incredible meet going by smashing her best 200 breaststroke by over 4 seconds, improving from 3:12.10 to her new time of 3:07.52.

Our morning finished with Nathan Marshall ravaging his best 100 fly time, dropping from 1:04.29 to 1:03.76.

Another great day, with one more day to go!


Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships Day 1

Storm had an incredible first day. We are represented by only five swimmers, but good times were made by all!

Daryl Appleton demolished his best time in 200 backstroke, improving nearly four seconds. He swam a 2:26.81, having entered at 2:30.67.

Nathan Marshall obliterated his best 100 free time, dropping from 59.35 to 58.11!

Zoe Dennis dropped ½ second from her 50 breaststroke with a 39.35. She followed this by destroying her previous best 200 IM in a time trial by over 5 seconds, dropping from 1:51.01 to 1:45.85. Zoe, at 12 years old, is one of the youngest swimmers in the meet.

Kyeshaun Christopher crushed his best 50 fly in a time trial, improving from 31.06 to 30.10.

In the final swim of the morning session, Makaela Holowchak annihilated her best time in her 400 free by over 6 seconds, improving from 4:48.54 to 4:42.10!

Congratulations Storm swimmers… let’s keep it going!


Antigua Aquatic Club Storm 8th annual invitational

AAC Storm dominated the 8th annual invitational, taking home 183 medals of 299. Five teams were represented. Almost all swimmers achieved personal bests, some in most or all of their events. Overall, this was a very successful meet, the last of the season for many of our swimmers.  Click here to see the article in the Observer.

New time standards were made by:

  • Jadon Wuilliez (AAA time in 100 breast, AA times in 200 free and 100 free)
  • Brandon Derrick (AA times in 200 free, 400 free and 800 free, A times in 50 free and 100 free)
  • Daryl Appleton (AA times in 200 IM and A time in 200 Back)
  • Sebastien Gobinet (AA time in 400 free)
  • Hailey Derrick (A times in 100 free, 200 free, 50 fly and 100 IM)
  • Tanner Esty (A times in 50 back, 50 fly and 100 IM)
  • Diallo Marshall (A times in 100 fly, 200 IM and 400 IM)
  • Dylan Ross (A time in 100 back)
  • Olivia Fuller (A time in 400 IM)
  • Hayley Nathaniel (A time in 50 free)

Our youngest swimmers also did extremely well.  Madison Isaac-MacMillan and Kalan Christopher did particularly well.  Most everyone either enjoyed their first meet or improved times.  Way to go!!

Congratulations to all of our hard working Storm swimmers. Swimmers can get their official times HERE.


Barbados Invitational (June 5 – 7): What a great meet this was for Storm, as every single one swimmers had huge time drops, and improved nearly every swim. With only eight swimmers, and no relays, Storm managed a respectable eighth place out of over 20 teams.

In addition to the big improvements, Jonathan Solomon, Makaela Holowchak, Daryl Appleton and Alex Rivera all earned medals (1st – 3rd) in at least one swim. Donte Trimingham and Kyle Christopher also scored points for the team. Makaela achieved her first ever AAA time standard in 400 free.

Congratulations on these fine performances. We hope to have a bigger contingency next year to see how competitive we can be!

CARIFTA Games (April 3 – 6): Congratulations to Zoe Dennis and Makaela Holowchak who both scored in the top 8 at the CARIFTA meet.  Zoe, in her first CARIFTA, finished seventh place in the 50 breaststroke, while Makaela finished 8th in both 400 and 800 freestyle.

Shark Bait Open Water Swim (April 11): Congratulations to Sebastien Gobinet, the overall winner!

ABSF Invitational Swimming Championships (March 6 – 8): Storm handily won the team competition.  Congratulations to Storm swimmers who qualified for CARIFTA: Olivia Fuller, Zoe Dennis, Diallo Marshall, Jadon Wuilliez, Makaela Holowchak, Daryl Appleton and Nathan Marshall.  With these seven swimmers, Storm will be the most represented group on the ABSF team.


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