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4th Annual Storm Haloween Costume Fete

Our 4th annual Halloween Costume Fete will be held on 30th October at 6:30PM at Crabbs Marina. Tickets are $40, and will be available at the pool. We will be soliciting donations as well. You can see more information HERE.


ABSF Nationals

Storm easily dominated the National Championships again, winning by more than 500 points over the second place team, and 162 points more than last year! Our swimmers also took home the lion’s share of high-point awards:
8/u Girls: Madison MacMillan (1st), Emily Gaillard (3rd)
8/u Boys: Alistair Knoblauch (2nd)
9/10 Girls: Hailey Derrick (1st)
9/10 Boys: Luke Pollen-Brooks (1st) and Kalan Christopher (2nd)
11/12 Girls: Olivia Fuller (1st)
11/12 Boys: Tanner Esty (1st) and Kyle Christopher (2nd)
13/14 Boys: Jadon Wuilliez (2nd) and Diallo Marshall (3rd)
15/over Girls: Devon Wuilliez (1st) and Makaela Holowchak (3rd)
15/over Boys: Daryl Appleton (3rd)

Full results can be seen HERE


15 Storm Swimmers selected to OECS teams!

Storm swimmers also dominates the OECS selections, with 15 swimmers (plus one alternate). Storm swimmers selected are:
Madison MacMillan, Emily Gaillard (alternate), Alister Knoblauch, Hailey Derrick, Luke Pollen-Brooks, Kalan Christopher, Olivia Fuller, Tanner Esty, Kyle Christopher, Zoe Dennis, Jadon Wuilliez, Diallo Marshall, Devon Wuilliez, Daryl Appleton, Sebastien Gobinet (Open Water) and Brandon Derrick (Open Water). Daryl was also chosen for Open Water. Congratulations, and good luck in St. Vincent!


Team Records Updated

These are Storm’s Team Records as of September 29, 2016. As always, if you see any discrepancies please let me know. See the report HERE

We have had a ton of new records so far in 2016, achieved by these swimmers: Hailey Derrick (10/u), Luke Pollen-Brooks (10/u), Olivia Fuller (11/12 and Senior), Tanner Esty (11/12), Zoe Dennis (13/14 and Senior), Jadon Wuilliez (13/14 and Senior), Sebastien Gobinet (13/14), Makaela Holowchak (15/17 and Senior), Devon Wuilliez (15/17), Alex Rivera (15/17) and Daryl Appleton (15/17 and Senior).


Best Times Reports

You can click here to see your best times (as of September 29, 2016), as I have recorded. If you see any issues, please inform me right away.

Long Course           Short Course Meters


ABSF Championships

Storm repeated once again as champions of the 3rd annual ABSF Invitational Swimming Championship. We showed great dominance by earning more points (1,385) than the next two teams combined (760 and 614).

Storm swimmers enjoyed a ton of time improvements as well. Four of our swimmers earned high point awards, with several others coming in runner-up positions:

7-8 Girls Madison MacMillon (2nd), Emily Gaillard (3rd)
7-8 Boys Alistair Knoblauch (2nd)
9-10 Girls Hailey Derrick (1st)
9-10 Boys Luke Pollen-Brooks (1st), Adriano Hedley (2nd), Kalan Christopher (3rd)
11-12 Girls Olivia Fuller (1st)
11-12 Boys Tanner Esty (1st), Kyle Christopher (2nd), Jonathan Solomon (3rd)
13-14 Boys Jadon Wuilliez (2nd), Diallo Marshall (3rd)
15&O Girls Makaela Holowchak (3rd)

Full results are available HERE.


Storm CARIFTA Qualifers

Storm had 6 swimmers make the Antigua and Barbuda national team for the 2016 CARIFTA games in March, the most of any teams. Congratulations to these swimmers:

Olivia Fuller

Zoe Dennis

Jadon Wuilliez

Makaela Holowchak

Daryl Appleton

Nathan Marshall



Trinidad Invitational
We had 8 swimmers representing Storm last weekend, and had tremendous results. We had a ton of best times, even compared to converted best times! With our small contingency, we managed a respectable 12th place finish out of nearly 40 teams. 6 of our 8 swimmers scored points for us. Here are places in a nutshell:
Zoe Dennis: 3 Bronze medals, and 3 other top eight finishes
Makaela Holowchak: 3 Gold medals (winning the women’s overall in 200, 400 and 800 free), and 2 other top eight finishes.
Jadon Wuilliez: 2 Silver medals, 2 Bronze medals, and 4 other top eight finishes
Alex Rivera: 2 top eight finishes
Daryl Appleton: 2 Silver Medals, and 4 other top eight finishes
Olivia Fuller: 1 Gold Medal, and 7 other top eight finishes
Congratulations on a very successful early season meet to all of our Storm swimmers!

ABSF Championships

Storm swam admirably in our first meet of the season. A great many new best times were made, and we dominated the high point awards. In a meet that had five teams represented, our swimmers won 15 out of 30 of the top three high point awards, including 6 of the 10 first place awards.

8&U Girls 8&U Boys
Madison MacMillan 3rd Kalan Christopher 3rd
Adriano Hedley 1st
9-10 Boys
Jonathan Solomon 3rd 11-12 Girls
Luke Pollen-Brooks 2nd Olivia Fuller 2nd
Tanner Esty 1st Zoe Dennis 1st
11-12 Boys 13/14 Girls
Diallo Marshall 3rd Devon Wuilliez 2nd
Jadon Wuilliez 1st Makaela Holowchak 1st
13-14 Boys 15/over Boys
Dylan Ross 2nd Kyeshaun Christopher 2nd
Daryl Appleton 1st

Also, Zoe Dennis won the award for most moths eaten during an event!

These results were especially impressive considering our older swimmers were swimming tired. Most swam every event offered (16 swims), and they even had a two-hour workout on Saturday morning before the meet.

All results can be seen HERE


Larsen Jensen, US Olympic Medalist, Helping at Storm’s Summer Fun Swim CampLarsen Jensen, US Olympic Swimming MedalistLarsen Jensen, US Olympic Swimming Medalist

Big news everyone!  Larsen Jensen will be helping at our Summer Swim Camp for two days.  Mr. Jensen won freestyle medals in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics.  He still holds a number of records in the US and remains top ranked despite his retirement in 2008.  After the Olympics, Mr. Jensen became a US Navy Seal (graduating top in his class) and is now in graduate school at USC.

Are you interested in meeting Mr. Jensen?  There will be two opportunities: 1. At the Swim Camp; and 2. At a special dinner at Sandals.  Call 726-3531 if you are interested in the Camp or meeting him at Sandals!  If you want to send an email, use our Contact Us Form.